Mailing List

Click here to subscribe to the Machine Learning for Communications Emerging Technologies Initiatives mailing list.

Joining the mailing list

There are three steps required to join the mailing list:

  1. Send a subscription request using the URL above.
  2. Upon receiving the request, the server will automatically send you a confirmation email. Follow the link in the email.
  3. Upon validating your identity, an email is automatically sent to the email list administrators. When they approve the request, you get an email informing you of the new subscription.

Sending an email to the list

The following address is used to send an email to the list: eti-mlc (at) COMSOC (dot) ORG

Only members of the mailing list can send emails. If you experience any problems related to membership, please contact eti-mlc-request (at) COMSOC-LISTSERV.IEEE (dot) ORG